Worldwide Distributors

In addition to Cygnus Instruments offices in the UK, USA, Singapore and UAE, Cygnus Instruments has established a strong network of worldwide distribution providing quality products and efficient local services. Please find below information of our main offices and distributors.

To send your enquiry to a distributor in your area, please select a distributor by clicking on a pin on the map (or using the right-hand list), and click on Contact.

If you need maintenance or repair services, please visit the Service Centres page to see Cygnus Service Centres around the world.


Cygnus has a regional office in USA (Annapolis, Maryland) – Cygnus Instruments Inc.

Australia & Pacific Rim

Cygnus has a regional office in Singapore who covers Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and Myanmar – Cygnus Instrument (S) Pte Ltd

Europe & Asia

Cygnus’ headquarters are in the UK (Dorchester) – Cygnus Instruments Ltd

Other countries where we have distributors: Cyprus, Portugal, Serbia, Turkey, Ukraine.

Middle East & Africa

Cygnus has a regional office in UAE (Dubai) – Cygnus Instruments Middle East

Other countries where we have distributors: Israel, Qatar.

Cygnus Instruments has representatives all around the globe.

However, we are not able to list them all.

Enquiries for countries where a distributor is not listed, please contact Cygnus Instruments Limited directly. Alternatively, you can telephone +44 (0) 1305 265533.