Hatch Cover Testing and Door Leak Detection

One of the main causes for concern in the shipping and other related industries is damage that sea water can cause to a ship’s cargo, often resulting in high-cost insurance claims for shipping companies.  Cygnus Hatch Sure ultrasonic leak detector provides a fast and effective method of evaluating and testing hatch seals and doors for leaks and sealing against weather conditions to cut down on the risk of such situations.

Cygnus Hatch Sure has 19 ultrasound emitters (40 kHz) that are arranged to produce an omni-directional sound field which is uniformly distributed throughout the cargo hold.  The sound energy level that passes through the enclosed cargo hold is displayed on the receiver part of the system, thereby enabling the user to accurately and quickly locate any leakage.

Applications benefiting from leak detection equipment:

  • Test the weather / water tightness of cargo hatch covers or doors
  • Test seals in cargo access areas, such as bow, side and stern doors or any opening that needs to be sealed.

Cygnus Hatch Sure

Cygnus Hatch Sure provides a quick and effective method of evaluating hatch seals and possible leakage using ultrasonic emmiters.

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