UT Thickness Testing

Cygnus Instruments has developed a range of ultrasonic thickness testing products to suit a variety of industries and applications with different end-user requirements. This could range from classification surveys of ships, oil & gas facility checks in potentially explosive environments, underwater inspections for marine structures, plant maintenance to civil engineering tests on bridges or lighting columns.

In order to help you choose the right thickness gauging product for the task at hand, please select from popular applications listed below to take a closer look at the versatility of our equipment within that particular field. If your application is not listed then please contact us.

Civil Engineering Application

Civil Engineering

General Industry Application

General Industry

Hazardous Environments Application

Hazardous Environments

Offshore Application


Oil & Gas Pipelines Application

Oil & Gas Pipelines

Plant Maintenance Application

Plant Maintenance

Road Tankers Application

Road Tankers

Rope Access Application

Rope Access

Shipping Application


Storage Tanks Application

Storage Tanks

Subsea Application



Scrubber Corrosion

Application Image: Undercarriage

Undercarriage Inspection


3LPE & 3LPP Coatings