Civil Engineering Testing Equipment

There is a wide range of inspection demands within the scope of civil engineering and a list of structures that are regularly inspected includes:

  • Bridges
  • Communication masts
  • Cranes
  • Road sign gantries
  • Lighting columns
  • Playground equipment
  • Railway infrastructure
  • Fairground rides and entertainment attractions.

All are likely to undergo routine inspections for predictive maintenance to ensure any corrosion or wastage is detected as early as possible.

The Cygnus Multiple-Echo technique which is standard on all our thickness gauges will measure through coatings and display a verified reading of just the remaining metal thickness.

Where access to the inspection site is using ropes the Cygnus 2 or Cygnus 2 PLUS are useful as the display is situated on the end of the gauge housing. The Cygnus 2 PLUS model has the added flexibility of Echo-Echo and Single-Echo modes as well as the standard Multiple-Echo.

The Cygnus 4+ General Purpose has a large LCD display, the benefit of all three measuring modes and linear data logging for recording measurements.

See Weathering Steel for Highway Structures – Residual Steel Thickness Measurement Using Ultrasonic Gauges.

The Cygnus 2 Hands Free and Cygnus 2+ Hands Free gauge both have an end-mounted LCD display making them ideal for rope access inspections. They are supplied with a neck-strap so can be worn around the surveyors neck and the display viewed from above or the optional belt clip allows them to be attached to a harness.

  • The Cygnus 2 measures using the Multiple-Echo technique, allowing it to read through coatings.
  • The Cygnus 2 PLUS has Multiple-Echo plus can be used in Echo-Echo and Single-Echo modes.