So how does ultrasonic thickness measurement work…?

The Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge works by sending a short pulse of high frequency sound through the material being measured. The thickness gauge then measures the time taken for an echo to be received from the back wall. With this data, the thickness of the material is determined.

To suit a wide variety of material testing applications, Cygnus Instruments employ three measuring modes:

Multiple Echo Measuring Mode (developed & pioneered by Cygnus Instruments)
Give error-checked, accurate metal thickness measurements through coatings upto 20mm thick.

Echo-Echo Measuring Mode
Measure through coatings (max 1mm), ideal for testing coated metals with heavy back wall corrosion or pitting.

Single-Echo Measuring Mode
For checking uncoated materials; metals with extreme corrosion; specific geometry; attenuative materials; wide range of plastics.