Cygnus ROV Mountable

Multiple Echo Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

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Specifically designed for underwater remotely operated vehicles, Cygnus offers a dedicated ROV mountable thickness gauge, ROV MK5 UTG Kit (depth rated to 500 meters (1,640 ft)). This gauge is versatile and designed to measure metal thickness in the harshest subsea operating conditions – without the need to remove coatings.

Ideal for use in hull UTM inspection, civil engineering marine structures, offshore platforms, UWILD or IWS class surveys, subsea inspection, repair and maintenance (IRM) of infrastructure, underwater equipment.

Cygnus Instruments builds all of its equipment in the UK using only genuine and original parts and components – including Lemo® Connectors and Peli® Cases.

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Topside Repeater Kit with Video OSD for Cygnus ROV 2/4KM

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Key Features of the Cygnus ROV Mountable Gauge

  • Multiple-Echo mode for accurate, through-coat measurements as specified by Classification Societies
  • Supplied with CygLink software to display and process measurements on a computer at the surface
  • Selectable Deep-Coat mode ignoring coatings up to 20cmm (0.8 inch) thick
  • Fitted with a safety Pressure Relief Valve and Securing Eye
  • Easy calibration at the surface via CygLink software or TopSide Repeater (TSR) unit
  • Removable end plate for full serviceability
  • Wet mateable ‘MC’ style underwater connectors.
  • Optional Topside Repeater (TSR) unit allowing readings to be displayed remotely and superimposed onto ROV’s camera screen
  • Optional purpose-built ROV probe handlers for optimal alignment.


Cygnus-Pioneered Multiple Echo Technique

  • Measures remaining metal thickness on corroded and coated structures
  • All measurements are error checked using 3 return echoes to give repeatable, reliable results
  • Accepted by all major classification societies
  • Greatly reduces inspection time and costs
  • Echo strength indicator to aid measurement.


CygLink Computer Software

CygLink is a Windows® application that allows remote viewing, control and data logging of the ROV gauge. The software can generate survey reports in PDF or export to a CSV file. Designed for Windows® 7 and above.

The latest version of CygLink software is available to download from ‘Software Downloads’.

Materials Velocities between 2,000 and 7,000 m/s (0.0800 and 0.2780 in/microsec)
Measurement Range in Steel 1 – 250 mm (0.040 – 10 inch) depending on selected probe and configuration, material and temperature
Accuracy ±0.1 mm (±0.004 inch) or 0.1% of thickness measurement, whichever is greatest, when calibrated in accordance with Cygnus Instruments calibration procedure
Resolution 0.1 or 0.05 mm (selectable) (0.005 or 0.002 inch)
Probe Options Single crystal probes
Power 7.0 – 30 V DC @ 150 mA (max)
Size 127 x 90 mm (5 x 3.5 inch)
Weight in Air 900 g (2 lb)
Operating Temp. -10°C to +50°C (14°F to 122°F)
Testing Depth rated to 500 meters (1,640 ft)
Communication RS-422, Simplex Single Pair or RS-232 TXD 2400 or 9600 Baud (selectable via DIP switches)
Standards Designed for EN 15317
Compliance CE, UKCA, RoHS
Warranty 3 years on gauge and 6 months on probe
  • ROV power and data cable with flying leads
  • Membrane couplant
  • ‘K3’ RS-422/485 to RS-232 converter
  • RS-232 to USB converter
  • ROV probe cable with heavy duty remote probe (5 m)
  • Cygnus ROV gauge
  • USB flash drive CygLink installation and operating manual in PDF format
  • ROV power and data test cable and connectors
  • Accessories in case: spare O-rings; spare membranes; membrane locking ring key; 15 mm test block; spare 1A fuses; 3 mm allen key; silicone grease sachets.

To compliment our ultrasonic thickness gauges we offer a range of ultrasonic probes. The performance of any ultrasonic thickness gauge relies heavily on the probe and its suitability to the material being measured. Therefore, selecting the right probe is vital. All Cygnus SINGLE CRYSTAL probes are made from stainless steel and include replaceable membranes for long life, requiring no zeroing and have a high linear accuracy.

Engineered Probe Handling Solutions

Constructed from 316 stainless steel throughout, the W1 probe handler can be held by a manipulator arm and is ideal for use on Work Class ROVs. The Cygnus S1 and G1 Probe Handlers are developed for use on inspection, observation or light work-class ROVs.


Topside Repeater Remote Display Unit

The Cygnus Topside Repeater is a remote display unit connected to the gauge with an umbilical cable. It displays the thickness measurements at the surface in real-time during the survey.


Topside Repeater with Video Overlay

The Topside Repeater can also overlay the real-time thickness measurements on to a composite video signal, displaying it on the survey monitor screen. It will also then be recorded (if there is a video of the survey), showing exact locations and the thickness measurement for future reference.

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2 reviews for Cygnus ROV Mountable

  1. James M.

    This is to testify that over the last 23 years of working offshore I have come across Cygnus instruments both as a Diver and as an ROV supervisor.

    As a diver I held a CSWIP 3.2u Subsea inspection qualification for 10 years.
    During the last 13 years I have had occasion to be involved with the ROV mountable systems on two occasions. In both instances the probe and Subsea housing were fitted to work class vehicles. The systems were able to take UT readings to client satisfaction.

    On one setup we attached the probe to a 7 function manip (T3) which gave us extra options whilst trying to take readings on non vertical or variable angled faces.
    The system is designed to ensure that it will only display correct readings. In other words you either get a correct reading or no reading at all.
    Reading through hard marine growth is not practical. Reading through soft marine growth or protective coatings presents no real issues.
    From operational experience am aware that all readings eliminate the coating thickness so only the true metal thickness is displayed.

    Should I need to specify an Ultrasonic digital thickness gauge for Subsea ROV use I would choose either the Cygnus -1000m* or the -3000m* ROV mountable gauge depending on operational depth.
    The -3000m* unit of course will work shallow or deep, so is probably a better all round option for future project use.

    *1000m and 3000m are previous models. Available now is the 2000m model.

  2. George G.

    I have used Cygnus UT systems for many years and to me they deliver what’s required for quick and reliable results. As we move even more towards ROV based operations, having a cost-effective wall thickness capability is a key component in our service offering- and Cygnus does just that!

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